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Ultimate Guide to Home Safety In Kansas City

As a parent of 2 young children safety is a huge concern in my own home. I keep an eye out for dangers in my home on a regular basis. When inspecting other homes I always keep in mind what I would want to know if my family would be living there.

Here are a few items I also check for on inspections and should be corrected as soon as possible.

1. Smoke detectors.

This is by far the easiest, cheapest and quite possibly most important step to keeping your home safe. Make sure you have enough detectors and that they are working properly with fresh batteries. Your inspector probably will not check for functionality but only that they are provided. Every home should have: one in each bedroom, one on each floor and one in the garage. It is surprising how many homes do not have this.

2. Stairs.

Handrails and banisters can be dangerous for children and others. Make sure all are secure and spacing is not too wide.

3. Fire hazards.

There are many fire hazards in homes. Here a few of the most common to be aware of:

-Heating. Make sure your heater is serviced regularly by an HVAC tech as well as avoiding portable heaters.

-Wiring. Faulty wiring and problems with the electrical panel are common fire hazards have your electrical system inspected by a professional to make sure you are safe.

-Dryers. Vent pipes and lint traps need to clean and clear to prevent fires.

4. Trip Risks.

Outside walk ways, interior and exterior steps and stairs, and door ways are common trip hazards. Make sure surfaces are smooth and steps are not too high.

5. Carbon Monoxide.

Gas powered heaters, water heaters, cook stoves, and fireplaces all have potential to leak carbon monoxide. These items need to be in good working condition. A carbon monoxide detector is always a good idea to have in the home.

6. Scorching Water.

Hot water can cause serious burns. It is important to have your water temperature tested and set to safe temperature to avoid accidents.

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