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All about Sewer Scopes

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

As a Kansas City Home inspector we try and provide services for all parts of your home. That includes your sewer line. We perform sewer scopes across the Kansas City metro area. 

Having a sewer scope camera inspection done on your house before you buy is a good idea. A sewer inspection can tell the buyer what material the line is made of and if there are breaks, blockages or intrusions in the line. The average exterior sewer line repair costs around $2500 and replacement can be over $25,000. 

A typical sewer inspection will insert a small camera from a drain clean out usually located in the basement of the house. The camera will run out of the house until it reaches the city main line, usually located at the street in front of the house. 

A sewer line can be made of a variety of materials. Clay, cast iron, and PVC are all commonly found. What material is going to give clues as to how old it is, how long it may last and what type of problems may occur. 

Who needs a sewer inspection? 

When purchasing a new home it is always a good idea to have every aspect of your house checked but some situations create more opportunities for problems. Here are some red flags:

     -Large trees in the front yard

     -Any signs of sewer back up 

     -An extra long exterior sewer line

Need to Schedule a Sewer Scope in the Kansas City area <<Click Here>>

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