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What will Happen during a Mold Inspection?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

While getting a home inspection during a real estate sale you may want to consider a mold home inspection. Or you may suspect your home has mold, maybe you smell something off. What exactly will an inspector do during a mold inspection? Here is an overview of 3 ways the best home inspectors in Kansas City inspect for mold during a mold home inspection.

The first way we inspect the property for mold is a visual inspection and moisture evaluation. We will go around to each room in the house including attic and basement searching for signs of mold or water intrusion which may cause mold in the future. The inspector may use a moisture meter, thermal camera or other tools to search.

The second mold test is a swab or surface test. This is only done if we actually find mold we can reach. If so we may take a cotton swab of the sample and mail it into our lab. They will then analyze the sample to determine the species of mold.

The third mold test is an air sample. This involves us setting up an air pump and collecting an air sample. The air pumped through the cartridge will filter out and collect any mold spores floating in the air. We will then mail the cartridge to the lab and they will send us a report. This will not only tell us the species of mold in the home but also the quantity of mold in the air. Indoor air quality testing is important to know if there is hidden mold in the home that cannot be seen.

After we get all the results from testing we will discuss with the client the results and what further action needs to be taken to make the home as safe as possible.

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