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How I Help Real Estate Investors In Kansas City

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Many of my clients hire me to inspect a home they are hoping to purchase before they even see it in person. They put a lot of trust in me to give them an accurate depiction of the home they are hoping to invest in. I take that responsibility very seriously and do my best to provide the most honest review of the home as I can.

So why do they need me? A lot of the homes are almost completely rehabbed, it should be in great condition right? Here's how I try and help investors:

- Provide detailed photos of all defects. Try to provide a complete picture of the home without them being on site.

-Have a phone conference discussing all important issues of the property and leaving no questions unanswered.

-Provide information on maintenance issues that may arise in the near future.

-Give straightforward information without sugarcoating or exaggerating.

I understand how purchasing a new investment can be stressful. I have several rental properties myself. Make sure to hire a qualified and thorough inspector before your next investment purchase.

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