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5 Things to do As Soon as you Move into a New House

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Here is a list of things homeowners should do within the first few weeks of buying a new home. As the best home inspector in Kansas City we would list all of these items and more on your report.

1.Clean/check gutters.

Make sure your rain gutters are completely clear and establish a schedule for future cleaning. This can be huge for preventing future issues with your foundation.

2. Change batteries of smoke detectors and test

Unless you are positive on last time they were changed assume they don’t work. Change batteries right away.

3. Change furnace air filter.

A dirty filter will cause problems for your unit get it changed right away.

4. Read your home inspection report, again if you have already.

The buying process is stressful, so many times clients gloss over the report or don’t read it at all. There are probably some minor maintenance issues you didn’t worry about during purchase but need to get fixed now.

5. Write down a maintenance plan and schedule.

Annual, bi-annual and monthly maintenance items can be easily overlooked. Take the time to put them on a calendar so you don’t forget. Here are a few items you may include but depending on your home you may have many others.

-Change smoke detector batteries (every 6months)

-Change furnace filter (every 3 months, can vary)

-Clean rain gutters (1-4 times a year based amount of trees nearby)

-Have HVAC system professionally serviced (2 times a year)

-Have home checked for Radon (every 3-4 years)

-Clean out dryer vents (Annually)

-Change batteries in thermostat (Annually)

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