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10 Reasons you need a Home Inspection In Kansas City

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

New Home

I have a confession to make, the first house I ever purchased my wife and I did so without hiring a home inspector. This was a few years before I had begun training for the business and wasn't knowledgeable in most aspects that a home inspector is. Our realtor at the time advised us it would be a waste of money to hire someone as we were purchasing a brand new home and "they wouldn't find anything wrong". This was a big mistake. We lived in the home 7 years and had numerous issues that could have been addressed with an inspection.

With that being said please learn from my mistake and hire a professional here are 10 Reasons You Need to hire a professional home inspector before purchasing your home.

1. A home inspection can help lower the purchase price of your home.

After a price has been accepted by the seller you can still negotiate a lower price. If the home inspection finds a lot of major repairs need to be made your realtor can help you negotiate for a lower price based on the report.

2. You can be prepared for future expenses.

There are several big ticket items that will eventually need replaced (roof, heating system, air conditioner, water tank, etc) your inspector should be able to give you a estimate of there age and how much life is left in them. It's a good idea to know before you buy if you need to start saving for new systems in the near future.

3. The bank may require it.

Depending on your loan the bank may require a home inspection or termite inspection. Most standard loans do not require whole house inspections but termite is common. Check with your lender to verify.

4. It could literally save your life.

Safety is always our number one concern when inspecting homes. There are numerous dangers that can be found and prevent serious injury and death. Fire hazards, carbon monoxide, lead, asbestos, and radon are common issues especially in older homes. It is very important whether buying for you and your family to live in or as a rental property it is vital to take these issues seriously.

5. The seller might make improvements for you.

After the report is complete and you evaluate your biggest concerns it is very common for you realtor to help you negotiate the seller make improvements or upgrades to the home before the sale goes through. Even small changes can help your move in be easier and less costly.

6. Know when to walk away.

When you fall in love with a house it is hard to hear the bad. While a home inspector absolutely cannot tell you to buy or not to buy a home they will provide a clear picture of the problems. Sometimes you need to know the scope of work or the price tag is just not feasible.

7. Create a checklist of home improvements.

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming. If you have a lot of improvements to make it can be daunting. To have a clear list of all vital changes can really ease the workload. If you are hiring a contractor to do the work simply hand the report off and have them make the changes needed.

8. To protect your family's safety.

Again, safety is so important to us. I try and think about what I would want to know if my family were living in the home. Many safety issues can be problems such as trip hazards, insecure locks on windows and doors, potential hot water burns, and more. Especially if you have children you want to make sure all safety issues are addressed before moving your family into a home.

9. Prevent an expensive repair down the road.

Many big problems homes have could have been prevented. Whether with cleaning the gutters, changing the HVAC system, or fixing a small leak knowing the little issues can save you big money in years to come. It often doesn't take long for a small repair to become very costly.

10. Provide peace of mind.

Nothing is 100% guaranteed. Something major can change in your home tomorrow causing major damage, however a quality home inspection can give you tons of valuable information providing you with the necessary information to make the best decision you can for your investment. Even if the house is brand new and it looks perfect there is always that chance something is not quite right that isn't apparent without a quality knowledgeable home inspector. A few hundred dollars could save you thousands down the line.

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