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Spring Maintenance Checklist

  1. Remove leaves and debris from around your foundation. Leaves can attract bugs into your home if there is sticks or other wood debris it is an invitation for termites to enter your home.

  2. Check your window and door screens for holes. Spring is a great time to have the windows open but if there are holes bugs will be entering your home. Patch up all holes or replace the screens.

  3. Power wash the exterior or your home. Remove dirt and mildew from the exterior. If your home is painted check for any peeling paint or exposed wood. Sand and touch up any peeling paint. Exposed wood will start to rot if not covered up quickly.

  4. Check sprinkler systems broken or damaged heads or any leaks.

  5. Air-conditioning Check. Change your filter and replace the battery in your thermostat. Spray your air conditioner off to clean any dirt and debris. It’s a good idea to schedule a professional HVAC technician to do a full system service.

  6. Wooden Decks, fencing or other exterior wood. Power wash, seal or restrain all decking or other wood to avoid rotting.

  7. Check trees for dead branches. Spring and summer are going to bring storms, if there are dead branches get those removed before they fall and cause damage.

  8. Clean your gutters and downspouts- This is one of the most important items to complete on your home every year. Depending on the amount of trees in your yard it may need to be done 3 or 4 times a year. Add downspout extenders to any that do not have them.

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