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Gutter and Water control

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

What you need to know about water control:

As a top home inspector in Kansas City one of the first questions I usually get about a house is how does the foundation look. This is understandable since foundation repair can be very costly. The thing people sometimes forget to ask is how can i prevent foundation problems from starting. While sometimes it’s inevitable usually the number one thing you need to do is water control. What I mean by that is get the rain water away from your foundation. 

This starts with your gutters. Gutters need to be tightly secured to the house and not smashed or bent so as to prevent water from getting through. They also need to be cleaned regularly, usually twice a year but check every month or so that they are clear from debris. The angle that they are attached is also important so you need to have a professional install gutters. The final important part of gutters is the extenders. Every house should have gutter extensions out about 5 feet from the foundation. 

The other important piece of water control is the grading of a yard. The best way to check this is during or after a hard rain. Walk around your house and check for any pooling of water near your foundation or water flowing towards your house.  If you notice any problem areas dirt or rock may need to be added to change the flow of water. In some yards a drain may need to be added to get water away. If there is a patio or other hard service up against the house make sure to check that water is not flowing towards house. Patios can settle over time causing the slope to change and foundation problems to occur. 

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