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All About 11 Month Warranty Inspections

What is an 11 month warranty inspection?

This is a home inspection done just before your home warranty expires (typically at 12 months, could be different) New construction homes usually include a warranty. Buyers often forgo the initial inspection because they think it is not necessary since it’s all new. This may not be the case. Everyone makes mistakes and contractors often overlook things. It is important to make sure your home is inspected by a qualified professional that will take a closer look.

Home Detective has inspected over 2,000 homes and we have never found a perfect house. New construction is no different.

What happens if you find defects?

After we inspect your home a detailed written report with pictures will be sent to you. You can then present it to your builder and they should make the required repairs.

Will the builder fix everything in the report?

You will need to read the paperwork for your specific warranty. Typically construction mistakes are all covered by a warranty but damages caused by the homeowner are not.

What are you inspecting?

The 11 month warranty inspection is the same as our regular home inspection; it will include over 150 items. Including but not limited to:

-Attic: Insulation, venting, structure, installation mistakes

-Basement/Crawlspace/or Slab: Foundation cracks, support columns and i beams, floor structure.

-Exterior: Siding, leaking, correct flashing, properly installed facade, installation mistakes

-Roof: Missing and damaged shingles, installation mistakes

-Bathrooms: Loose toilets, missing caulking, leaking fixtures, improper slopes on drains


-Interior: fit and finish

-HVAC: installation mistakes

-Electrical: Wiring and installation mistakes, overloaded breakers, properly installed AFCI’s/ GFCI’s

This is your last opportunity to have mistakes fixed by the builder before they are no longer liable. If you let the mistakes sit unresolved further damage may occur that you will be paying for down the road.

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